Born on November 3, 1986
Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Carara, Italy, with a master's degree.
Now working and living in Beijing, Italy
In 2010, he won the first "Executing" Scholarship. The award is set up by artist Yu Gao, who awards two young art students every year and wins the prize for his work "Shade".
In 2010, he was selected as Beijing Fangshan - the first Chinese white jade sculpture creative competition, and his work "Cloud. Eye" won the second prize of the whole country.
In 2012, he worked as a sculpture designer in Beijing Conat Plastic Arts Company.
In 2014, the work "Five Birds" was selected as a good Chinese sculpture "For House Sculpture". Beijing
In 2015Enrolled in the Openday Joint Exhibition of Karara College, Carara, Italy
The 2016 work "Respect for taking off your coat" was selected as the urban sculpture project of the Cuneo Peano Foundation in Italy. Italy
The 2016 work "Pride" was selected for the exhibition of Marble Art and Culture Festival in Karala MARMO MAKING. Italy
2017. One Day was selected for the first Michelangelo Scholarship Exhibition, Italy.
The 2017 work "nelly" was exhibited by six people in Pietransanta Gallery, Italy.